Braggin’ Rights

by Crystal Cook

The Queens have a little secret. We are slightly addicted to the thrill of competing in cook-offs. (Well at least Sandy is, Crystal just likes to dress up in costumes, decorate the camp and mingle amongst the crowd all day!) It’s that combination of competitive spirit and social activity that makes the cook-off so unique and fun. In fact, there’s nothing like a small-town cook-off. From chilies to peaches, communities all across the country are coming together to celebrate the food and people of their hometown. Our particular favorite –  is Sandy’s hometown pride – the Hargill Pan de Campo Cook-off! In the past years we have taken home several trophies, second place in the Chili Category, 3rd place in Beans, and second place Carne Guisda! But unfortunately we still haven’t captured that top top prize (insert Throwdown! with Bobby Flay flashbacks here) and gosh darn it –  we want those braggin’ rights!

Crystal and Sandy doin’ a little victory dance at the Hargill cook-off!

With the New Year in place, it is time to start messing with our chili recipe! Chili may be as common as any food in America, but it invariably reflects the personality of the cook. Always familiar, always different. That’s why we want to hear from you! Maybe you have a tip or “secret” ingredient that could help send our Chili straight to number one! Do you prefer chili with beans, or without? Or maybe you have a cook-off in your hometown that you want to promote? Let’s talk!!

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