Inside the Queen’s Studio with Denise Silverman

by Casserole Queens

The Queens periodically interview someone we find interesting and inspiring. In this installment, we are proud to introduce you to Denise Silverman.  Not only is Denise the CEO of CLINK (a fabulous event production agency that designs and coordinates special events in Texas, across the US and abroad), but she is also a loyal Casserole Queen customer and dear friend! Denise has been planning show-stopping events here in Austin since 2002 and boasts about 75 events/year, many of which have been published and/or featured in various news media outlets.  She is sharp, fearless and has impeccable taste.  And we do mean impeccable.  See for yourself, on the CLINK company blog. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself.

First and foremost, I’m a Mom and a wife.  My family is what motivates me to be successful in everything I do.

What is your “recipe” for success?

Making people happy.  I’m a people-pleaser and I don’t like to disappoint.  So whether it’s my clients, my staff or my family – I am constantly working to keep people happy.  That, and Friday nights at El Chile with my family.  There’s nothing better than making it through a busy week and looking forward to our weekly tradition of margaritas and Tex Mex with my two favorite boys.

If you weren’t the CEO of CLINK you would be…

A swim coach.  I grew up on a swim team and it was probably the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  I held my coach in the highest regard and learned from him the value of hard work and how it pays off.  I loved the look of pride on my coach’s face when I would beat my best time or win a race! I would love to be able to teach/motivate that way.

If a casserole described your personality – what would it be?

Gooey apple butter cake . . . sweet and indulgent!

What’s your favorite dish you’ve served at an event?

I would have to go with the make-your-own stuffed avocado bar.  There was so much delicious-ness all on one table.  The caterer was so creative with the fillings and the guests couldn’t get enough.  And I was lucky enough to get the leftovers!

Name one event disaster you’ve had.

I’ve never had a full-on disaster (knock wood!), but Mother Nature has certainly given me a few grey hairs.  Of course, we are always prepared with a fail-proof rain plan, but having to make the call on whether to execute the rain plan tent is both stressful and expensive!  I hate having to advise clients that we really need to execute the rain plan!  Everyone wants to think it’s not going to rain on their wedding day, but I’m paid to think that it will!  And no matter how much planning goes into a good rain plan, there are inevitably little, unexpected glitches.  The key is working through those glitches so that the client and the guests never knew a thing!

What was the most fun/interesting event you’ve worked on?

What makes an event fun is the guests.  If the guests are happy, fun, friendly people, the event is going to be fun.  If the guests are hard-to-please and/or rude, well . . . it’s going to be a long night.

What’s your most favorite part of your job?

Making people happy.  There’s nothing better than receiving a thank you note from a client after the event is over that says, “We couldn’t have done it without you.”  Also – the food! I love trying new things and love when my clients are excited about food!

What was the craziest request you’ve received from a client?

Some day, I will write a tell-all book about all the crazy requests and other madness that has occurred over the years.  Until then, mum’s the word.

If someone wrote a book about you, what would the title be?

People Pleaser.

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