Sweet October – A Celebration of All Things Candy!

by Crystal Cook

Ahh, Halloween! It’s a time to let your creativity flow and let your diets go. Let’s face it: cheap, processed, sugary, fun-sized candy is the best part about Halloween. We’re not going to try and pretend that any one of our delicious casseroles could hold a candle to the power of the almighty Twix. (Well, that is highly debatable, but you get our point!)  So, in the spirit of sugar and creativity, we’ll be celebrating candy all month, starting with: The Halloween Scenes and Fiends Contest!

What kind of contest is this, you ask? Well, it’s not a Halloween Candy Casserole contest because a 9×9 of burnt Kit Kats isn’t exactly appetizing. No no, this is your chance to take your favorite treats and morph them into any kind of scary person, place, thing or ghoulish scene you can imagine!

Our talented interns demonstrate with a few candied examples in the slide show below, but if you’re still needing inspiration, Martha’s always got great ideas, so you can check out her Halloween-ized cookies and cupcakes.

Please be sure to see the contest rules below and have fun!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Halloween Scenes and Fiends Contest Rules

Prize: A signed copy of The Casserole Queens Cookbook!!

Entry: To enter the contest, post a picture on The Casserole Queens Facebook page or Tweet a picture to the Casserole Queens of your best candy creature/animal/scene. You may have as many entries as you would like! The more the … spookier?

Deadline: Sunday, October 30 at midnight (CST) is the last time you can submit photos to the contest.

Prize delivery: The book will be shipped to the winner when they are selected and provide their address.

Winner: The winner will be chosen by the Queens. We will look at all the entries and select our favorite picture to win. The winner will be announced on Halloween, October 31 on our blog.

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