Kitchen Grooves – The Cocktail Edition

by Crystal Cook

I have been completely obsessed with the Tiki culture these days – everything from vintage tiki sarong fashions, to the refreshing tiki cocktail revival! So I doubt that I will shock anyone when I say that I am totally in L-O-V-E with the chill sounds of Exotica! Just the name alone invokes fantasy and the mystical allure of the islands. (Uh, hello…guess who needs a vacation?) But since I am unable to escape to my own private isle, I retreat to my patio and create my own little getaway. All it takes is the company of good friends, a platter of Satay, and a Mai Tai in hand to escape the daily grind. Now, throw on this playlist, close your eyes, and relax.

Don Tiki – Close Your Eyes

Les Baxter – Jungle Flower

Stan Getz – The Girl from Ipanema

Steel Guitar Magic – Maui Chimes

Miles Corbin – Quintana Roo

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass  – A Taste of Honey

Martin Denny – Quiet Village

Stan Getz- Samba De Uma Nota So

Arthur Lyman – Love for Sale

Yma Sumac – Wimoweh (Mbube)

4 Comments to “Kitchen Grooves – The Cocktail Edition”

  1. You should check out Martin Denny’s “Exotica” and “Exotica II”. Some of my favorites!

  2. oops — You should check out Martin Denny’s “Exotica II”. Some of my favorites!

  3. Hi Crystal and Sandy! Love the Tiki cocktail revival. My amazing son-in -law, Wyatt Peabody, just visited Martinique. He is writing a feature article for the LA Times on rum. Thought you would enjoy his blog and Tiki inspired cocktails:
    Hugs to you two amazing women…Jan

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