Potato Salad: Zesty, Creamy, or Both?

by Casserole Queens

On our most recent episode of HUNGRY on YouTube, we had a BURGER  BASH! Is there anything that goes better with a homemade burger than potato salad? We think not!

On this episode Crystal’s concocted her special version of potato salad, which is mayonnaise and greek yogurt based. We know that people get defensive when it comes to what condiment you mix with your ‘tatos. Sandy definitely likes a little more mustard zest in her burger accomplice. So the question becomes, are YOU a mustard or mayo potato salad?  Dare we say….Miracle Whip?

Luckily for you, we have the recipes for both! Take a gander and let us know in the comments box what side you stand on!

2 Comments to “Potato Salad: Zesty, Creamy, or Both?”

  1. I’m partial to mustard in my tater salad, but Crystal’s recipe sounds delicious!

  2. Mayo all the way. A touch of mustard is fine but I was really excited to see the dill and Greek yogurt. Looks yuuummmmeeeeee! And as always, You ladies were fabulous on Hungry! Can I tell you how good the luau pork looked? Mango salsa…? Heaven!

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