Elote: Roasted Corn with Mexican Crema

by Crystal Cook

In the July issue of Woman’s Day Magazine we feature a corn pudding that was developed from our love of Elote – so we thought it would be a great idea to re-post this how-to for the dish! Enjoy! Mmmmm…..Elote!

Casserole Queens

It’s technically not summer yet, but most of us seem to use the Memorial Day weekend as the “unofficial” kick-off!  So in honor of summer, I decided to do what most Americans do, and grill up some grub!

When I first moved to Austin, I discovered something fabulous at a street vendor that very well may have changed the way I viewed life – gigantic ears of roasted corn smothered in Mexican crema and sprinkled with lots of spice and lime juice. They call it Elote, but I call it delish!

Naturally I have been trying to perfect this dish for sometime, and this is the closest I have come to recreating the magic. The corn makes an amazing side dish, but is so decedent that it may steal the show!  I served it with cilantro lime chicken breasts (also done on the grill) and a black bean salad.

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